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Norton Antivirus Plus: Effective Protection Without Eating Your Resources

 Norton is a leading name in the world of antivirus. Its parent company Symantec has recently announced a new range of internet security suites under the brand name of 360 Computer Protection. Norton Antivirus 360 is a part of this range. Norton support number is always there to provide rock solid support to its customers. Symantec is well known for its programs that provide effective protection against all kinds of malware. Norton Antivirus Plus performs impeccably, indentifying and destroying all kinds of online threats before they have any chance of downloading into the system of the user.

If you are using Norton Antivirus Plus, you have total peace of mind regarding the safety of your computer. It flashes warning messages and also tells you when it has identified and destroyed a potential threat while you are browsing on the web. You can see the type of threat when you click on this warning message.

Norton Antivirus Plus has been tested in third party labs and it has received near perfect scores from these independent labs. One of the best features of this antivirus is that it uses very little resources of the system in which it has been downloaded. This is a big relief for the customers as they never experience any slowdown of their computer because of this antivirus program. There is no drag of any kind and if you experience your computer or mobile is hanging because of the antivirus, you can always contact Norton Antivirus support service to get a resolution for your problem.

This antivirus program boasts of many security tools that were not present in the earlier Norton Antivirus Basic. The most loved of these security tools are Password Manager, 2 GB of cloud storage, and a firewall to boost the security of your system. The feature of Firewall is important for those customers who use public Wi-Fi at times. Firewall monitors the network and prevents any chances of dangerous communication that can harm your device. It is also useful for home users as it provides an extra layer of security to the system.

If you find it difficult to remember all of your passwords for various websites, the password manager of Norton Antivirus Plus will remember them and auto fill right password whenever you are trying to log in to your account on the website. The program stores all these passwords in a highly secure folder and you are not required to store them anywhere inside your computer. This feature is very important for those people who remain worried about the safety of their personal details that can be stolen by hackers through use of keyloggers.

If you have sensitive information stored inside your computer, you can use the additional security measure of 2 GB of cloud storage provided by Norton Antivirus Plus. By doing so, you can become free form any threat of ransomware that has become very common these days.

If you are using Norton Antivirus Plus in your computer, you are never left alone in your fight against malware. Norton Antivirus support number is always responding to the grievances of its customer and resolving their issues. 

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